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Differences Between Playstation4 and Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One reviews have been seen and evaluated since its launch week. Even when it features the latest PC technology, disc drives and some huge hard disks, there are some differences that often make the buyers look in other direction. Playstation4 also got new features when it comes to competing with Xbox One.

So here, we cite some differences between Playstation4 and the Xbox One:

  • The PlayStation 4 looks pretty cute but it has a sense of art. It’s neat unlike Xbox One it looks merely like a big square and it’s sometimes a mess.
  • There has been complaints about the PS4. For once, folks have been complaining about the PS4 disappointing battery drain, but this can easily be solved using a PlayStation 4 cooler. Notably though, the Xbox One seems to have more problems than the PlayStation 4.
  • The Xbox One provides a connector where you can run your cable or satellite box through one port. You can follow instructions by listening to Xbox voice service. You can play while you watch TV and pause your game to continue playing it later.
  • You’ll need extra budget if you’ll buy the Xbox One with a controller because it offers sensors when you move. This feature will still be available for the years to come but it has limited utility.
  • Xbox One system runs like what Windows 8 operating system has. This makes the environment familiar to PC users and detracts from the simplicity of a game console.
  • Internet Explorer on Xbox One make it possible for you to view websites on the big screen which is considered as a factor. The Xbox One also comes with Skype, which you can interact online to some players. And a Cloud storage which you can store data you’ll like to save.

Sony PlayStation and Xbox users and players will still to stick to the ones they’re already familiar with even if this two will be thinking much about upgrading. After years of competition, the two consoles have shared ideas and citing differences between them. The offerings on each side are a more of a level of competition and each makes features that are better than the other.

Top Upcoming Games in Xbox One

Microsoft has just made big improvements in some of the popular and original games and some of them caught the attention of the public. Some of these games are improved and some features are real to make players feel like they are into the game when they’re playing it.

The satisfied users but there are more to choose from in these exclusive games. Here are Xbox One top upcoming games you’ll go crazy for.

Ori and the Blind Forest (2015)

It will sure be a hit next year since this kind of adventure game takes you to a whole new level. You’ll visit a wide forest with a variety of creatures in it. You can use abilities that can help unlock new areas and tools to be needed in the game.


Quantum Break (2015)

In Quantum Break, you will find that the main character finds space and time in circumstances in order to save the others.


Halo 5: Guardians (2015)

The next saga in the Halo will be one of the most exciting, continuing the main character’s quest to find out what happened to his partner. It also has a whole new level of multiplayer.


Fable Legends (2015)

Fans of Fable had plenty of opportunities to run and cause trouble, but the developer is saving the best adventures for Xbox One. Here you’ll be able to take on enemies with help of friends, or can be a villain if you feel like hating heroes.


Crackdown 3 (2015)

This game continues on Xbox One with a big city to explore, more abilities to learn and more trouble to get into.


Screamride (2015)

Screamride takes you into a whole new level with its crazy, new and one of a kind jamboree.


Inside (2015)

This is a game that made the most of its environment some ability to solve puzzles. Details are few but it appears that you can play a young boy, trying to make his way through the confines of a large prison.


Cuphead (2015)

This one is sure to be a hit. The most amazing thing about this Cuphead is art. It mimics Mickey Mouse cartoons.


Below (2015)

This game will surely catch anybody’s attention. Below’s character and creatures seem a bit tiny, but you can zoom in and explore a new and dangerous, death-threatening game.


Scalebound (2015)

This game is rich revolving in a place of dangerous dragons and the brave knights who ride them. It’s like How to Train Your Dragon with the kind of action that are challenging and new.


Now you have the idea of what games you’ll like to play. Selecting these kinds of games for the future will leave you excited. It surely gets more and more challenging for developers and designers to make games better than the other as years come and go.

PlayStation 4 – Free Things You can get with...

PlayStation has totally changed the way of watch gaming consoles of the people. This covered the way to one more gaming console that Sony produced, the PlayStation 4. Like its predecessor, PlayStation 4 was also accepted globally and upon the release of this game console, PlayStation 4 retail establishments constantly ran out of PlayStation 4 gaming console stocks.

PlayStation 4 is considered to be one of the most foreseen gaming consoles at that moment. With the changed features that you are able to advantage from and a bulky number of freebies you can be delivered with from purchasing PlayStation 4, you will definitely want one for your own personal.

After obtaining a PlayStation 4, you can enjoy a radio controlled Bluetooth controller, and free game. The basic configuration now includes the HDMI feature for you to fully take advantage of your PlayStation 4 if you play it with the High Definition TV.

The truth that PlayStation 4 is so sexy, a lot of websites are now offering preorders for PlayStation 4. And, because they need customers, a lot of web sites are also offering freebies for their buyers now. They give free PlayStation 4 accessories or games to attract new people to pay for the PlayStation 4 from them.

PlayStation 4 can present you with the Grade A quality gaming experienced. However, PlayStation 4 is equipped with the recent technology in game consoles, for example graphics chip, processors, and many other features. As a result of this, you can expect that the PlayStation 4 gaming console will be high priced. If you would like a PlayStation 4 that will provide the best quality for your cash, search for PlayStation 4 official release promotions to fully take advantage of the game console. You can also obtain discounts from various PlayStation 4 retail outlets if they allow it.

Gaming Is Now a Social Activity

It is a major misconception that gamers are loners. Nevertheless, times have changed; gaming has entered a whole new realm of extreme social interactions. Walk with me and you will get a vivid view of the social world of gaming.

Multiplayer Games

With the advent of multiplayer games, competition among gamers has never been the same. Multiplayer games allow friends to get together and enjoy games. With this, gaming nights and gamer parties are now possible and are a terrific addition to the social mix of a gamer.

Online Gaming

The Internet of Things has revolutionized video games. Besides offering a wide variety of gaming options, the internet has become an avenue to connecting and interacting with folks from far and wide. With online connections, you met and connect with numerous people with similar interests who may be turn out to be excellent friends.

Mobile Gaming

When our favorite video games became available on mobile, our hand-held devices became our new darlings. This not only made video games portable but also opened up new ways of connecting and meeting with other people playing the same games.

Social Media Games

It is hard not talk about socializing without mentioning the social media. The major social network platforms include games which have been a terrific way to meet and interact online. Social media gaming has consequently become a significant interaction tool for gamers.

It is evident that gaming is now no longer a solitary endeavor. It has been transformed into a social undertaking with the capability of connecting people from all corners on Earth.